Equipment Repair

Our service department takes pride on its long-standing record of quality service. Our goal is Total Customer Satisfaction. You can expect fast turnaround and equipment fixed!

Rentals Solutions

Have a special event, plant turn-around or busy season coming up where you need extra two-way radios, but don't want to purchase them to only have them used once a year?

System Management

A do-it-yourself strategy doesn't always make sense when you're trying to balance the many demands on your time, budget, and people.

FCC Licensing

If you get a notice from the FCC or a licensing company, simply forward the notice to us and we’ll let you know if any action is required.

Warranty Information

Protect these radios against normal wear and tear and more with Service from the Start – one of the most extensive service offerings available.

Airtime Solutions

Communications Service offers reliable access to towers that will give you private, uninterrupted radio coverage throughout Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties.

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