Motorola Solutions Command & Control Software


Ensure Responders Get the Right Information Immediately 
Anything can happen in seconds. How well you maximize the minute once that call is received impacts responder effectiveness and safety. Get the right resources assigned quickly and equip responders with the information they need for safest outcomes. With Motorola Solutions Command & Control Software, streamline workflows to ensure your agency acts with speed and decisiveness.

  • Coordinate A Quicker Response
    Help dispatchers process information and notify first responders within seconds to assist calls for help.
  • Maximize Collaboration
    Keep everyone connected from dispatch to the field in real time with optimized interoperability between agencies, systems and databases.
  • Increase Situational Awareness
    Transform video and data into real-time intelligence for more effective responsiveness in the moment.
  • CommandCentral Aware

Have Eyes on the Scene Within Seconds
CommandCentral Aware provides a complete operating picture, integrating real-time intelligence remotely in the command center to assist officers in the field. Voice, data and video can be monitored simultaneously by a single analyst to supervise threats or head off trouble on the streets. Use as a “virtual patrol” or to assist with incident response, CommandCentral Aware has delivered proven results helping agencies improve decision-making and reduce crime.

  • Geospatial Event Mapping
  • Activity Monitor
  • Real-Time Video Streaming
  • CommandCentral Inform

Can Your Team Easily See the Information that Matters?
A single piece of information can often make the difference in directing the safest response. Yet, ensuring everyone has access to the right information and can quickly understand its relevance can be difficult. Keep everyone informed and in sync with a map-based common operating picture available anywhere they are, on any device from CommandCentral Inform.

  • Monitor Activity from Anywhere
  • Act with The Necessary Context
  • Collaborate Without Distraction